Link with Websites

With more and more products available on the internet, it's now easy to integrate your physical store with an online shop.
Running Synaps in conjunction with an online shopping cart gives you the benefit of centralised inventory and order processing. All your orders are in the one place and you don't have to worry about double selling products as your stock levels are always up to date.

Out of the Box Connection

Connect straight to Magento, OsCommerce and OpenCart platforms. Automatically update stock levels and create sales orders as customers purchase through your site.

Web Stores

Create Synaps web stores in minutes that are directly driven off your product database. Find out more

Custom Websites

Synaps lets your web developers connect their eCommerce modules directly through its API for easy integration of your current shopping cart.

Link Existing Systems

There's no need to completely abandon an existing system just because you are using Synaps for your operations.
Synaps full API makes running an existing business system in tandem easy.

Third Party or Bespoke

Third party systems for generating sales or ordering stock from suppliers can be integrated to push all their data directly through to Synaps.


Connect to Xero and automatically process accounts payable and receivable making reconciling your accounting a breeze. Find out more

Auction Sites

Sales from online marketplaces such as auction sites account for over 35% of all online sales worldwide.
Online auction sites provide a opportunity to quickly increase your sales, with your products available to buyers both locally and nationally.

Trade Me

Connect to Trade Me and sell your products in New Zealand's largest online marketplace. Find out more


List your products on Sella and enjoy the benefits of no listing fees and no success fees.

Custom Applications

Synaps is designed so that it can be used for any type of business but its functionality doesn't end there - you can build and run applications on top of the core system to suit your own business needs.
With Synaps you can run custom data importers, order entry tools, processing apps, or third party logistics systems. If you can imagine it, you can automate it.

Business Specific Apps

Many businesses have industry specific processes that they don't even realise are costing them hours of staff time every day. With custom applications you can automate these unique tasks or processes in your business to save both time and money.

Mobile Apps

Control business functions on the move or easily connect your office operations with your sales reps or field staff.

Offline Capablity

Offline functionality means you would even be able to contine to run Synaps in the event of an internet outage.

Full API

Synaps features a full Application Programming Interface (API) which allows it to communicate with, transfer data and integrate with external applications.
Synaps not only gives you a highly integrated business operations system, it gives you a powerful tool to develop with too.

Ideal for Developers

Synaps allows developers to build and integrate their own processes on top of the core system. Because everything runs through the API, you can create your own front end system while Synaps handles everything in the background.

Do Anything

Synaps really does allow you to do anything, with over 500 unique API functions, any process that can be run in the system can be run through the API.