Synaps includes a range of inventory controls designed to drive business efficiency starting at the ground floor.

Simple or Complex Products

In addition to standard products available in most inventory systems, Synaps also lets you create complex products applicable to a wide range of businesses and markets.
Synaps gives you the freedom to use the types of products that best work with your individual business.

Unlimited Stock

A product set to Unlimited Stock doesn't have stock levels and always has 'Available Stock'. Normally products will only show as available or load auctions to sites such as Trade Me if there is available stock, however Unlimited Stock products don't have this requirement.


Create Combo products that are made up of 2 or more other products that you sell like package deals or gift baskets. Combo products then automatically adjust the stock levels of their constituent products when you sell them.


Variation products let you easily create a single product with different sizes, styles or colours (useful for clothing or footwear). Variations inherit all of their relevant details from their master product.


Split inventory across multiple locations so you can run offices, shops and warehouses easily.
You can configure a name and address for each locations you need, then allocate stock levels for each on products, and simplify reordering from suppliers to each location.


Utilise simple stock locations allowing you to easily adjust the stock levels on the fly.


Use product lines to assign and track stock within your warehouse or even run a large drop shipping warehouse remotely.

Stock Transfers

Initiate the transfer of stock from one location to another when you need to move stock around. Stock Transfers can be immediate, or can take time while in transit. Transfers in transit aren't counted at the destination until the transfer is completed.


Order stock and update your inventory all from within Synaps.
Take control of your business with the ability to quickly view those products that are low on stock and reorder them as needed.

Simple Ordering

Compile and email purchase orders directly to your suppliers in minutes.


Handle orders in foreign currency easily - all the conversions are done for you!

Fast Receipting

Lightning fast receipting of your purchase orders in Synaps with your product stock levels automatically updated in inventory with the click of a button.

Accurate Costs

Synaps maintains a record of all your products and their costs.
When the costs of your products change, this is not always reflected in your margins (especially if you had stock on hand that you had bought at a lower price).

Individual Costings

Because every unit of stock is assigned in the database individually, you can tie costings to each and every one of them. This means that each time you sell a product, it's cost is correctly accounted for.

Customer-based Pricing

Assigning customers to groups with a specified discount means they will automatically recieve the relevant rate when purchasing products from you.
Integrating with your website gives you the ability to offer retail pricing on your site with trade customers loging in to purchase at trade price.

Unlimited Pricing Tiers

With customer groups you can easily create as many different pricing tiers as you want.

Rack and Bin Control

Run a large logistics warehouse with rack and bin control of all your inventory items.
Whether it is as simple as a garage for storing your stock or a full-on third party logistics warehouse, Synaps provides the tools to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Track Everything

Generate pick slips for orders and easily see at a glance how many items you have remaining regardless of warehouse size.