As well as providing Inventory functionality, Synaps also allows for full management of your product catalog, including pricing, descriptions, photos and other information.

Unified Product Database

Synaps gives you a master product catalogue offering unprecidented control of your product information as well as all the sales channels available to your business.
With all your operations running off a central database, changes to products that are sold on different platforms are quick and painless.

Create once, Publish Anywhere

Because all of your product details are stored in Synaps, you can easy push product information to new sales avenues as you expand your business.

Multi-channel Capability

Synaps makes it easy to add a new sales channel to your existing products in seconds. Customise where your products are available with a single click without having to update or alter stock levels.

Search and Filter

Easy to use search tools mean that it is always fast to find the product you are looking for - regardless of the size of your catalog.

Re-usable Category Tree

Create product category structures which can easily be pushed out to websites as navigation.

Product Options

Configure your products so that they best fit your business.
Everything you need to create, store and update your product information is available in one place.

Types of Products

Utilise a variety of product types such as variation, combo or unlimited stock products that best suit your business. Synaps even gives you the ability to drop ship products straight from your suppliers.


Set product categories, add images, serial numbers and barcodes. Even add custom attributes to suit your unique business needs.

Sales Features

Configure warranties and upgrades for customers purchasing items. Set pricing tiers for different customers if you are a retail and wholesale operation.

Intuitive and Fast

The layout of the product list maximises speed and efficiency, allowing you to quickly see at a glance all the information you need.
Because Synaps is completely online, your product information and pricing is always at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Import products to get started

Create your product database from CSV or even import directly from your Trade Me listings. Use CSV files to commit changes to stock levels or product descriptions.

Slick Interface

Cutting edge coding means fast page loading, fast data saving and smooth transitioning between screens.

Convenient In-line Functions

Adjust stock levels and pricing in your main product list without having to open up products. Bulk assign changes across multiple products simultameously.

Find What You're Looking For

Easy to use Search and Filtering tools means you can quickly find that particular product you are looking for every time.

Trade Me and Other Channels

Synaps makes it easy to sell your existing products in different marketplaces simultaneously.
Create listings on Trade Me and other auction sites to increase your potential market and make your products visible to new customers.

Easily Create Auctions for Products

Because all the auction listing information is driven straight from your product details, you can create listings in seconds straight from your products.

Enable or Disable per Channel

Add or remove products from sales channels with the click of a mouse. You can even run different types of listings (such as a $1 reserve and a buy now at the same time) all off of one product.

Assignable Statuses

Alter products' statuses to change their visibility to customers and see at a glance those items that need to be re-ordered.
Synaps offers a range of different product statuses to give you fine tuned control over the availability of your product catalog.

Easily turn products "On" or "Off"

Quickly remove or enable products for sale without affecting their stock levels.

Hide and Archive

Set products to no longer display on any of your sales channels or archive those that you are no longer stocking to streamline your products list.