Synaps offers a powerful Order Processing module that lets you manage the status of all sales, making sales handling easier and improving the service your customers receive.

Order Tracking

Track orders across all your sales channels, from placement through to dispatch and all the states in between.
Each time your customers buy from you through a website, WebStore, from Trade Me, or any other channel, an Order is created in Synaps for you to process and track.

Single Order Queue

Because all your orders across your whole business are processed in Synaps you always have full visibility of outstanding orders so you can prioritize and dispatch efficiently.

Search & Filter

You can perform searches and apply filters to your list of sales to find what your looking for, whether they are in the current queue or have already been completed.


Orders can be quickly assigned to your staff allowing them to see just those orders they are responsible for.


Add priority ranking to orders that need to be processed urgently ensuring that they are out the door first.

Business Profiles

Synaps offers you the ability to run different businesses all from within the same system.
With Synaps you can easily create different businesses profiles under a single trading entity, especially usefull for businesses that trade in dissimilar products.

Run Multiple Business Entities

Target separate websites or Trade Me accounts with different businesses, but still take advantage of one order queue for all your sales and dispatching. Push all your business records directly to Xero for reconciliation.

Send Custom Correspondence

Customise all your email and printing for customers with your business information such as contact and bank account details.

Email Triggers

Automate repetitive emails with workflow triggers so customers get automatic updates as sales progress and are dispatched.
Save time and improve customer service with email triggers. Whether it is notifying a customer that their payment has been received or sending tracking links after you dispatch a package, Email Triggers offer a true zero-click solution.

Keep customers in the loop

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Custom emails

Create your own custom templates that will automatically inject your business information and the customer order details straight into them.


Send customers PDFs of their order invoices or receipts as attachments

Never send another email yourself again

On average, businesses spend half an hour every day emailing customers. Because all of the emails in Synaps can be run automatically, you can potentially save your business hundreds of staff hours a year.

Automatic triggers

Easily configure when you want events to occur - it's as simple as set and forget.


Print all your sales documentation with 100% customisable templates that are automatically filled out with customer and purchase details for their order.
Your printing is all handled from within Synaps which means no more having to open up other programs every time you want to print out a different type of document. Invoices, receipts, barcodes, labels, pick slips and packing slips - Synaps can print them all!

Auto Printing

With the Synaps Autoprinter you can trigger printing to happen at different stages of your order workflow, like printing out receipts or even message cards when an order is complete.

Bulk Printing

Create a print run for multiple sales in your order queue such as printing out pick slips for all your orders that are ready to be packaged or shipping labels for all those ready to be sent.


Send products to customers with everything you need to label, dispatch and track your orders.
Your entire dispatch process is run in Synaps meaning no wasted time spent accessing other systems and handy features to help ensure costly shipping errors are avoided.

Shipping Labels

Your shipping labels are automatically generated in Synaps complete with all the customer's address details and can easily be printed straight to a label printer.

Shipping Manifests

Create a report of all your orders to be dispatched to ensure that everything that needs to be sent out is checked off.

Reduce Shipping Errors

With all data such as addresses entered automatically and confirmation emails to your customers you greatly reduce the risk of sending your products to the wrong person.

Zero click Dispatch

With a barcode scanner you can close off all your packaged orders and send an email to the customer notifying them their order has been shipped and the tracking number - all without even touching a keyboard or mouse!

Tracking Details

Store tracking references against your orders making it easy to follow up and trace a package if there is a courier or delivery error.

Combining Sales

Combine multiple purchases from one customer into a single sales order.
Often you get customers who will buy more than one of your listings from an auction site or purchase another item from your website that they forgot when they were placing their order earlier. Normally they would have to pay twice for the shipping and you could end up sending two orders to the same address wasting packaging materials.

Automatic Shipping

Synaps checks all new sales and will automatically merge multiple orders for customers if they have another one open.

Lower Overheads

Combined shipping not only saves you the time spent manually checking orders to see if there are multiple ones for the same customer - it also saves you maoney spent on postage and packaging sending seperate items to the same place.

Automatic Emails

With its automatic emails there is no more time spent corresponding with customers to let them know that their orders have been combined - Synaps will automatically email them to let them know the new contents of their order and the cost of shipping it.

Searchable History

All order records are stored in your database meaning you can quickly find an order and all its details any time.
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Quickly Answer Queries

You can easily search for a past order to view pricing information, sale date, payments and items purchased. This is especially useful for warranty claims and even customer insurance claims.

Create Returns

Generate RMAs directly from sales orders

Customer Database

Customers who buy from you are automatically added to your customer database in Synaps.
All your customer details are stored in Synaps meaning you can quickly find contact information, update your records, and manage your marketing with exports to email systems such as Mailchimp.

Full Order History

All your customers' previous orders are linked to their record

Easy Repeat Ordering

Creating a new order for a repeat customer is quick and easy - simply search that customer and inject all their details straight into the sales order.

Credit Facility

Set credit limits for customers and generate itemised statements each month to manage your accounts due.

Point of Sale

Process over the counter sales easily with POS that is linked directly to your Synaps product database.
Today there are so many other sales channels available to businesses that double entry is almost inevitable. Synaps links Point of Sale with all your sales channels meaning your inventory and sales are always in sync.

Simple and Web Based

Run your Point of Sale directly from Synaps in a web browser window. Compatable with either keyboard and mouse or full touchscreen capability means you can even run it on a Tablet PC.

Connect to your own POS

If you already run your own POS system, that's not a problem. Synaps' full API means it can be integrated with almost any other system.