Connect Synaps to your Trade Me account and sell your products in New Zealand's largest online marketplace.

Import Sales

Synaps gives you one place for processing all your sales from Trade Me easily and efficiently.
Because your sales from Trade Me go through the same processing as all your other orders, you can ensure that all your customers from every sales channel receive the same high standard of service.

Create and Combine

New sales orders for sold listings are pulled through straight into your orders queue. Synaps also automatically combines multiple purchases from the same buyer allowing you to package items together for postage.

Automatic Triggers

Send emails and notifications to buyers with payment details, Place feedback automatically on buyers profiles once orders are complete.

Place Offers

Set offer prices and automatically place offers to bidders and watchers once a listing closes.

Bulk Auction Management

Synaps gives you the ability to load and manage large quantities of listings at the same time. Tasks that might normally require a full time staff member can all be done automatically in the background.
With the ability to automatically create listings from your existing products, it has never been easier to sell on Trade Me.

Manage Your Listings

Synaps gives you one place to perform all your auction loading and monitoring, letting you easily see those listings you have running, when they are going to close, and whether they currently have offers pending on them.

Set and Forget

Because your listing details are pulled straight from your products, there is no need to constantly update your listings each time you load them, they automatically change as you change your product information and pricing.

Scheduling and Auto Listing

Loading listings can be a time consuming task but Synaps makes it easy. Choose how and when you want your listings to load and Synaps does all the rest for you.
Synaps offers greater control of your load scheduling than any third party system available today.

Load Now or in the Future

Load auctions only when you want or select a specified time and date for them to list for ideal closing times.

Unparalleled Control

Synaps offers 6 different loading types to give you fine tuned control over your listings. Set group load times, maintain a listing for a product at all times or even let Synaps automatically choose the best closing time for that product's category.

Stock Limiting

Synaps links your inventory system straight to your auction management so it can always see how much stock a product has when it loads a listing.
This direct integration means Synaps can automatically adjust its listings based on a product's stock level.

Automatically Halt Loading

Because Synaps automatically stops loading listings for your products when they go out of stock, there's no risk of accidently selling products you can no longer supply.

Auto Replace

Even if you have a listing running and sell your last unit of that product on your website or instore, that's not a problem. Synaps will automatically edit the listing into a product you have stock for, saving you the hassle and cost of withdrawing it.

Cool Features

In addition to all the above, Synaps also give you access to other useful features when loading and running listings.
Customise your listings with logos and sales information and have it automatically added to all your auctions.

Image Borders

Append your own photo borders to images with your business logo or watermark.

Headers and Footers

Set global headers and footers to appear in all your listing descriptions.

Automatic Comments

Add comments to display on all listings with information such as terms and conditions or shipping policies.

Answer Questions

Answer questions placed on your listings directly through Synaps without having to login to Trade Me.

On the Fly Updating

Easily update any changes you have made to a live auction listing with just one click.