Synaps web stores provide a simple and effective alternative to a traditional eCommerce site

Linked Directly to Product Catalog

Run your store independently without the hassle and time spent constantly updating products and stock.
Direct integration means no more double handling of data between your main inventory system and your online store.

No Manual Updating

All product information is drawn straight from the Synaps Product Database. This means that changes made to any of the attributes for a product (such as pricing, description or images) are automatically updated in your web store

Live Data and Stock

Any stock changes in Synaps are automatically recognised in your webstore. As soon as you sell that last unit of stock, it is set to out of stock on the site.

Simple and Fast Creation

Synaps web stores offer you the ability to quickly expand your business to online sales.
Easy to follow wizards mean you can have your own e-commerce site up and running in just minutes.

Choose from Templates

A variety of professionally designed templates mean you can create a store yourself without any HTML or CSS knowledge.


The full web store designer also gives you complete control over the design and HTML/CSS used by your site.

Use your own Domain

If you have an existing domain registered, you can easily link it to redirect to your new web store to utilise your existing traffic.

Hosted Complete with Credit Card Gateway

Web stores are a hosted solution meaning you can spend less time worring about the technical side of it and get straight to selling your products.

No Maintenance

There are no complicated hosted accounts to set up and no need for maintenance once you have your store running.

Supports Credit Card Payments

Web stores automatically link to your customer portal providing customers with payment information. Thay can also run in conunction with Credit Card Gateways such as DPS or PayPal for easy online payment.

Run Multiple Stores

Synaps has the ability to run multiple web stores at once. This is especially useful to businesses that offer different types of products or operate seperate trading entities under the one organisation
You can even use a web store as a booking system for jobs or repairs.

Use Different Designs

The full web store designer give you the ability to layout and display your site in a way that best reflects your business.

Target Different Products

If you offer a diverse selection of products, web stores give you the ability to run seperate stores that specialise in different ranges of products while still utilising a single order queue.

Add to an Existing Site

If you have an existing traditional web site and would like to expand into ecommerce, that's not a problem. Simply add a webstore to a link in your site navigation.
Not only does this give you the simplicity of a "set and forget" ecommerce site, you can even replicate your site's existing styling and layout for seamless integration.

Use Subdomains

Synaps' flexiblity means it's easy to link your web store straight to a subdomain such as store.yoursite.com

Optimised for Search Engines

Today you not only need an online presence, but you need to be found when customers jump online and search for the products you sell.
Synaps web stores feature built in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure your site shows up in prospective customers' search results on Google.

Search Engine Friendly

Web stores automatically generate searchable pages for products and images. Their modern page CSS is also coded to produce optimal search results.

Google Analytics

Synaps web stores integrate with Google Analytics so you can easily see referrals and plan your advertising and marketing accordingly.
View number of visits, unique visitors and bounce rate. See what search terms customers are using and the URLs that are directing to your store.

Monitor and Track your Sales

Easily view site sales data and total sales breakdown between your web store and your other channels.