If you have a Xero account you can easily link it with Synaps to run your entire business operations and accounting - all online!

Sales Invoices

Making sure all your GST is accounted for each year is a headache for businesses, but with Synaps and Xero it's easy.
Configure your accounts in Xero and have everything sync automatically. Synaps connects directly to Xero's API so eveything happens in the background.

Push Sales Records

Automatically create Accounts Receivable in Xero from your sales orders. Even configure orders in Synaps to close off only once they have been reconciled in Xero.

Push Customer Records

Create customer records in Xero automatically from your sales orders.


Use Xero to manage your cashflow with scheduled payments and batch paying suppliers.
Make sure your invoices are paid on time and even process foreign currencies

Push Purchase Records

Sync Purchase Orders to Xero as Accounts Payable. Set due dates for invoices to correspond with your suppliers payment terms.


Push orders from your suppliers overseas in foreign currency through to Xero for reconciliation.


Xero can also track your inventory.
View stock on hand and cost of goods sold in Xero with its easily cofigurable accounts

Sync Inventory

Adjust inventory in Xero automatically as your stock changes in Synaps.