Compute Limits

What does that even mean anyway?

A Different Pricing Model

Most business systems charge per user and per module each month. This can be great when you're starting out but quickly adds up once you add more users or need additional modules. The Synaps Commerce Platform takes a different approach, more in line with the flexibility of cloud computing - that means being able to scale up and down easily and only paying for what you use. In this way, Synaps makes all the modules and functionality available every for user, and as you add more users or make more use of the system you simply pay for the increased resources you consume.

Compute Time

Every time you perform an action in the system, whether it's creating a new sales record or updating a contact's details, our servers have to process that action and update your database - an action which takes processor time, memory, and storage on the cloud servers. Pricing based on the actual resources used means that light usage of Synaps costs you less, and heavy usage costs more, regardless of whether it's one person doing all the work or many people doing a little bit each.

How do I know how much it will cost?

Cloud pricing makes it difficult to know initially what the pricing will be for you because it can depend on your usage. To make it simpler we have a stepped set of plans, the Pricing Plans page indicates the typical user count for each size plan, and because we charge in-between the plans, you won't have a big jump when your usage increases. What we can say is that the cloud pricing works out much cheaper than paying per user and per module in just about every scenario.