Synaps Commerce Platform for Small Businesses

A cloud business system for sellers and traders!

Includes product, customer, website sync, sales order management and more!
Automate tedious tasks and give yourself more time to build your business.


Plans to suit your budget and scale as your business grows

No Contracts

No lock-in, or annual renewals, just pay as you go

All-Access Pass

No fees per module, all functionality is available in every plan

No Upfront Costs

No setup costs and it only takes a few minutes to set up an account.

Grows with you

The power of the cloud means your Synaps Commerce Platform account scales up as your business grows.

Simpler Management

Centralize your data and eliminate copy/paste

Single Source

Maintain one product catalog and sync it to your website, trademe, amazon and wherever else you sell

Unified Sales

Import sales from all channels into one place for easier processing


Automate those repetitive emails to customers and staff by having them send automatically as orders progress through to dispatch


Export invoices easily into Xero

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2 minute setup, no credit card required

Faster Dispatch

Your time is precious so you need to be efficient

Easy Pick n Pack

Select all the orders to send out and create a pick-list with one click

Shipping Labels

Scan or generate shipping labels directly in Synaps for faster dispatch


Automatically email customers their tracking numbers or any other notifications you need

Grows with you

The power of the cloud means your Synaps Commerce Platform account scales up as your business grows.

Advanced Product Management

A powerful product catalog that handles simple and complex product types easily

Track Inventory

Track locations and costs for accurate dispatch and reporting. Advanced product types allow for unlimited stock, recording batch numbers, variations, packages and expiry dates.

Variations and Packages

The different product types allow for simple products, product made from sets of other products, and products with different sizes, colours, or styles

Expiry Dates

If you sell perishable goods you can track batch numbers and expiries, and allocate stock to sales on a first-expiry basis

Business Process

It's not just sales orders that benefit from the customizable process engine in Synaps, you can add automation to products too for alerts and reordering


Synaps Commerce Platform is built to be super-flexible

Business Process

The business process engine lets you create flowcharts for your data. With automatic status changes based on your criteria you can reduce manual input by up to 80%

Email Templates

Use our preset emails or design your own HTML emails with data-fields to instantly send personalised email updates to customers

PDF Documents

Invoices, receipts, pick or pack slips, job sheets, and just about any other print documents you could need. 100% customizable in HTML.


Turn on only those modules that you need to keep your system clean and easy to use, and enable other modules in seconds if you need them in the future

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