Trade Me, Amazon & Marketplace Integration

One product catalog, many sales channels


Simplify Management

By using the product catalog in the Synaps Commerce Platform you have one place to govern your products and services which syncs up to the marketplaces you sell. Websites, Trade Me, Amazon, Shopify, Price Spy and more.

Leverage Existing Sales Channels

If you have existing sites or partner channels then you'll be able to link them and get the best of both worlds by adding the automation and processing power of Synaps as a back end to your existing channels.

Custom Integrations

If your current technologies need to be integrated we can develop Private Modules to connect them to Synaps, or your developers can use our full-featured API to link to synaps from your other systems.

Trade Me

Automatic Listing

Once you've set up auctions in Synaps against your products they can be set to list automatically for you.

Stock Limiting

If a product runs out of stock any current listings will be pulled from Trade Me so you don't over-sell.

Automatic Offers

Fixed Price Offers can be automatically made at your specified price after auctions close.

Variant Listings

Synaps supports Variant listings on Trade Me for Variant-type Products.

Sales Handling

Your Trade Me sold items will automatically be imported as Sales Orders so you can use the fulfilment automation power of Synaps to process them quickly along with sales from any other channels.


Images on your Trade Me listings can automatically have watermarks applied to the images as they are listed.


Amazon Listings

Get your products up onto quickly and easily by matching to existing SKUs on Amazon or creating new ones.

Continuous Sync

All your products on Amazon are continuously updated automatically as you make changes to the product or pricing in Synaps.

Other Marketplaces

New Integrations

If you have another marketplace that you'd like integration please Contact Us.

Price Spy & Comparison Sites

You can easily provide a feed of product pricing and availability to third party sites

E-Commerce Sites

Synaps can link to Shopify and Magento websites to update Product data and import Sales Orders. Contact Us if you'd like to find out more about connecting to your e-commerce platform or marketplace.