Shipping & Dispatch

Pick, Pack, Track. Easy.

Picking & Packing

Business Process

Because your Sales Order processing can use our Business Process engine everything that's ready to ship out will be waiting for you. Then, with a couple of clicks you'll have be ready to pick, pack and send out to your customers.

Pick Lists

It's simple to generate a pick list for all the goods to be shipped out, or a packing list to go in each order.

Safety Checks

If you have a mobile device you can double-check items as they are picked to make sure they're correct and reduce pick errors.

Pack Faster

Run through your dispatch queue fast, printing or scanning labels as you go.

Partial Dispatch

Synaps can track exactly which items have been sent so you can send multiple shipments to a customer as stock becomes available without any extra overhead.


Process Customization

The Dispatch process is customizable like everything else in Synaps, so you can send emails, alerts, or add custom actions when dispatching starts, ends, or anywhere in between.


Need to notify warehouse staff of new pick list? or email your customer with tracking links when you're done? Full control over the process means you can achieve what you need.


Integrated Carriers

If your freight company has full integration with Synaps then you can generate the shipping labels without leaving Synaps. Printing the label, closing the order and notifying the customer of their shipment with 1 button click makes for maximum efficiency!

Label Printing

If you need to print address labels you can easily have the correct size label template for your printer, including custom sizes for label and thermal printers. With the process engine you can even have the labels print automatically when you start the dispatch process, or at any other point that works for you.

Barcode Scanning

Even if you don't have full integration you can quickly scan the shipping tickets against the orders to close the Sales Orders and notify customers.