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Your daily business operations hub and automation platform. Manage Sales, Products, Inventory, Contacts, Integration, and more...

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Synaps is so much more than an inventory system, the automation saves literally hours every day in communicating with customers, updating prices, and fulfilling orders. I couldn't do without it now!
- Heather from JustHealthy

More than just Inventory Management

Our goal isn't just to provide a system to manage customers, sales, and inventory; it's to let you manage all that efficiently to save you time and money!

A Fresh Approach
  • No Pay-Per-Module
  • No Pay-Per-User
  • No Setup Fees

Delivering on the Cloud Promise

Rather than focusing on per-user or per-module, Synaps plans are based on how much cloud server resources you use. That means that even the free plan has access to all functionality, and just scale up plans as you grow.

The Synaps Commerce Platform leverages the latest cloud technologies to bring you fast and reliable systems without the hefty pricetag!

Making Life Easier

By centralizing and automating your sales processing you'll save time and effort, and improve communication with your customers.

Selling online and in-store can be a struggle, keeping on top of sales and dispatch while keeping inventory in sync across platforms is time consuming! With Synaps it'll become fast and easy so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Modular and Customizable

All modules are available to all accounts, it's up to you which ones you install!

Products & Inventory
Faster Dispatch Processing
Sales Order Management
Job Management
Customer Accounts
Websites & Integration
Refunds & Credit
Email Automation
Portals & Micro-sites
Online Payments
Invoices & Documents
Shopify Integration
Xero Integration
Magento Integration
Wholesale Portals
Amazon Integration
Trade Me Integration
Price Tiers
API Access

No Lock-in, No Commitment, No Hidden Costs

We aren't interested in locking you in, you'll want you to use the Synaps Commerce Platform because it delivers.

No minimum terms, no contracts, just a business system that works for you. Test drive it today, 100% free. You'll also find that all of the modules in the platform are available to all levels of account, even for free accounts!

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Free Express Accounts

Small operators and startups can use the platform free of charge, and you'll be upgraded to a paid plan if you outgrow the free one.

Free plans allow 500MB storage and lower compute limits. Paid plans have more storage and compute power, with options for dedicated server resources. Read more about compute limits.