Focus on the important tasks, not the repetitive ones

Business Processes

Custom Processes

You can customize the status options for sales, products, contacts and everything else, plus you can automate the move from status to status to speed up processing.

Automatic emails and alerts

As part of the customizable processes you can trigger emails, alerts, and even run custom scripts as certain events happen.

Branching processes

Sometimes you need special handling for some processes - perhaps some sales orders need to be prepared differently, or you want to take extra steps for sales over a certain value. The process engine in the Synaps Commerce Platform is fully configurable and can route items through different paths based on the criteria you specify.

Automate Everything

The process engine isn't just for sales orders. Products, Contacts, Jobs, Dispatching, Purchasing and more use the process engine so you can mold them to suit your business.

Also Scripting

In addition to firing emails, sending alerts and routing items through your process you can execute custom scripts. Want to assign a job to a certain user if certain conditions are met? Set a new due date after a job reaches a certain status? no problem! it's fully customizable.

Emails and Messaging

Data-Driven Templates

Templates make it super fast to send standard emails out to customers and users. Because they're data-driven you can send personalised mail completely automatically or at the click of a button.

No Template Limits

Often the process is hard-coded into a business system and you get few options on what emails can be sent, and when. With Synaps you can configure as many different email and message templates as you need and send them when it suits you.

Templating Occasional Emails

If there is email that you send sometimes, even if it's only for one in ten customers, you can still set up a template and be able to send it easily at the click of a button when needed. You can still modify the generated email before sending too, so you still have full control.

Logic in Emails

The data-driven email system lets advanced users add conditional and logic into templates too. Using conditions you can toggle paragraphs in the email or change wording based on the circumstances.