Sales Features

Supercharge you sales handling process to save time and get happier customers

Central Processing

One list to manage

Because you'll have all your sales from all channels centralized in Synaps you can easily keep on top of your open orders that need attention.

Consistently high customer experience

With the consistent processing, automatic emails, and business logic applied by the automation engine, you'll be able to fulfil sales quickly and with great customer communication so they come back time and again.

Staus & Icons

You can configure the available statuses for Sales, along with customizable icons for quick recognition. Sales are automatically assisted by the Automation Engine to help move them through to a completed status and send out emails and alerts along the way.

Emails & Documents

Automatic Emails

Set up templates for the standard emails you send and have them send automatically or at the click of a button. Templates can have data-fields and logic in them so they are automatically customized every time.

Document Design

You can send customized PDF documents to customers easily with the Document Generator built into the platform. The HTML designer means that you have complete control over designs. From Invoices to packing slips, 80mm receipts, registration forms, certificates, and anything else you can imagine.

Additional Data

Public & Private Notes

Users can add notes to sales orders and toggle whether they are public or private in case the customer is watching the sales order through a web portal or getting updates via email.


Searchable references can be added to sales orders, which are especially hehlpful if the sale came through a 3rd party marketplace like Trade Me or Amazon.


Sales Orders can be tagged with customizable tags to help search, filter and process sales.

Tax Rules

Country or State Rules

Tax rules are easily configurable so the correct tax is applied based on the billing country and state of the sale. Sales can be set to include or exlude tax by default to tell the platform whether tax should be added on top or calculated as part of the stated prices.

Multi-part taxes

Taxes can be configured with multiple components so you can accomodate local and national taxes on your sales.

Auditing & Change Tracking

Change History

Synaps records a full history of who made what changes to a sales order - an invaluable tool when trying to figure out those troublesome sales.


Shipping Tracking Links

When shipments are dispatched the tracking details can be recorded against each order, and of course you can use the automation engine to let the customer know the tracking details automatically.