Integration and programmability

100% API Coverage

The platform is API-first with all functionality available programmatically. View the API Reference Documentation at

Custom Development

Private modules can be developed so you can leverage the cost-effectiveness of the Synaps Cloud while enjoying custom functionality or integrations. Contact Us to find out more.

HTML Templating

Email and document templates are HTML based so you can design them the way you want. From Statements to receipts, tickets to certificates, it's customizable.

Simple API

The RESTful api is easy to use. Simply add your token as a header and fire your JSON requests through.

Hosted Sites & Portals

The built-in Content Management System allows developers to use existing templates or build entirely custom sites as part of the platform. Whether you want a fully-fledged e-commerce site or a simple customer portal, Synaps has you covered.

Scripting & Automation

The workflows and automations in Synaps can be enhanced with scripts so you can bake custom behaviour right into your business processes.

No API Fees

You get access to the API as part of your subscription. API calls will count towards your usage so make sure you're on the correct plan

API Reference

View the API Reference Docs here: