Product & Inventory Features

Accurate stock tracking is essential to any business.

Product Types

Standard Products

Standard Products have inventory levels which decrease as product is sold and refilled when new product is received. The inventory figures will be tracked as stock is sold and received, with a full journal kept of stock changes. If you sell more than you have in stock the items will be on backorder until fulfilled.

Unlimited Stock Products

Unlimited Stock products do not track inventory levels and are always available to sell as long at the product is enabled.

Products with Variants

When a product has multiple options, such as size, color, or style, Variant products make it easy to configure with a list of variants, each with their own inventory and price. Variant products make it easy manage complex products easily.

Combo Products

Combo Products allow for a new product to be created from multiple other products. If you need to set up a package deal, or even just a 2-pack of another item, Combo products are the way to go! Stock will be deducted from the other products when a Combo sells, and you can even craft Combos that include Variant products and choose which variant at the time of sale.

Perishable Products

If you have stock that expires then you'll love the Perishable product type. When adding inventory you'll need to specify the expiry date of the batches and stock will be allocated out to sales on an expiry-first basis. You'll also be able to see when the next batch expires on the product to keep on top of expiring stock.



You can create and manage your category tree easily, with products able to be assigned to as many categories as you need.


Products can be tagged for filtering and sorting, but tags can also contain data - making it easy to add specs or other information to products as well as the usual text-based description.


If you need to split your products logically at a high level then Catalogs allows you to create separate catalogs and assign products to each. When you're searching for products with Catalogs enabled you'll just search one catalog at a time. This is especially useful for non-public items such as Parts which may be used internally but aren't made known publicly.

Stock Tracking

Stock Journalling

Each product keeps a full journal of where stock went so you can easily see which sales were allocated or who made adjustments.

Margin Tracking

You can record the cost price of stock and get accurate margin figures as the stock is allocated out to sales. There's even a dashboard item available so you can see your margins in real-time as sales occur throughout the day.

Warehouse Management

Incoming stock can be given location identifiers for easy Picking & Packing. Pick lists can easily include the locations of the allocated stock.


Pricing Groups

Products can be configured with a general Sell Price as well as specific pricing for certain customers so you can easily manage that discounted pricing for wholesale customers.

Price Breaks

If you want to offer a better price for bulk purchases then you can enable Pricing Tiers to have the price automatically change at certain quanities. Plus it works with Pricing Groups too, so you can set pricing Tiers per Customer Group if you want.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

Extended Warranties

If Extended Warranties are something you offer then all you need to do is enable the Extended Warranties feature and configure the options. Extended warranty upsells can easily be added to a sale with the click of a button.


Supplier Records

Track multiple suppliers per product along with the ordering code and last cost price

Track Purchase Orders

The Purchasing module allows you to compile purchase orders to make the inwards goods process fast and easy when the shipment arrives.


Purchases can be entered in foreign currencies at an exchange rate you specify, which automatically calculates the purchase price in your local currency for accurate profit reporting.

Include Shipping Costs

Purchases allow for the cost of shipping to be divided amonsth the ordered items and included in the cost prices recorded so your reported margins are real.